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Your architecture can be anything you want it to be. Use the services as a constructor. Store and run any databases, containers, media, and sites. Deploy app runtime, conduct analytics, implement DevOps, blockchain, AI, etc.

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Leverage a large-scale cloud environment to build your IT infrastructure

Serverspace Support

We'll help you 24/7. Average response time is 7 minutes.

Serverspace SLA

Infrastructure availability is 99.9% according to SLA.


Xeon Gold CPUs and NVMe SSDs perform better in benchmarks.


It is easy to modify configurations even after deployment in seconds.

Be ahead of the game

Stay ahead of the competition with the opportunities we bring to you.

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Ultrafast deploy

To reduce the time it takes to deploy VMs, we keep them in a dedicated, renewable pool. When you create a VM, the control panel requests this pool. It reduces the average deployment time to 40 seconds.

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Total automation

You don't need to communicate with managers and wait for long approvals. You can start working right away. Focus on your project, not on bureaucracy.

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All in one box

Cloud resources, network services, support, project financial management, DNS hosting, customized applications, software licenses, SSL certificates. Build a complete cloud environment for your business.

Get the most out of our cloud

We provide an entirely new vision of your perfect cloud experience.

Fair billing

Other cloud providers offer you to pay monthly or hourly — our system bills in 10 minutes increments. If you use the VM for 30 minutes and delete it, you will only pay for 30 minutes. No more.

  • Accept credit cards, PayPal and Everscale.
  • Promised payment.
  • No linked credit card is required.
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Groundbreaking platform

We use an innovative hyper-converged vStack platform. The platform is powered by Open Source technologies that provide fantastic performance. It is the first of its kind, the unique one.

  • OS FreeBSD.
  • Bhyve hypervisor.
  • ZFS file system.
vStack servers - Serverspace

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Listen to our users

“Serverspace has provided me Remote Desktop Services at a much cheaper price as compared to other providers in the market like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Customer support is also helpful at most of the occasions.”
“I use Serverspace because provides very stable and fast servers. Also, your site provides many features to the user, and I can build a new server or delete the previous server whenever I want. Fully automatic, as well as full support. Thanks for the importance you give to the user.”
“I am Brazilian, and after testing several and several sites, both Brazilian and foreign, I arrived at the Serverspace and stayed, in the others it was not 1-2 months, bad service, instabilities and disproportionate price to what was offered, when trying the Serverspace, I fell in love, because it meets my needs without any problems and with practicality my needs.”

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Serverspace Breaks Ground in Canada: Unveils Local Office, Innovative Cloud Solutions, and PIPEDA Compliance
October 5, 2023

Serverspace Breaks Ground in Canada: Unveils Local Office, Innovative Cloud Solutions, and PIPEDA Compliance

Serverspace is causing a stir with its strategic leap into the Canadian market, marked by the establishment of a dedicated local office. This significant move not only underscores the company's commitment to delivering user-friendly controls and local payment options but also places a strong emphasis on strict compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic […]

Rated the "High Performer" cloud provider

Developers choose us because we make cloud infrastructure management simple, with cost-effective pricing and high-quality tech support.

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